Dispensaries light new fire under pot debate

Dispensaries light Pandora Bracelets Canada new fire under pot debate

Disabled veterans greg and matthew bechtel might look like businessmen as they spoke before the albany city council last month, with close clipped hair, neckties and an important demeanor.Subsequently, oregon state students jake lewis and ryan smith, a couple of clean cut 20 somethings in recently brought suits, have been making the rounds of the corvallis business community and ending up in local officials.The bechtels and the osu university appear all american, but their plans are marked by controversy in albany and corvallis, and especially concerning to the law.They intend to open store medical marijuana dispensaries, and are fundamentally lobbying officials for their support.These new faces don't fit the typical stereotypes connected to pot, bear in mind.Think businessmen and affiliate marketers, no longer cheech and chong.Medical medical bud users also don't fit a single mold, menti one d greg bechtel, 35, an air force frequent, people think of oregon medical marijuana program patients as long-Haired, tie dye being seen darning on, bearded hippie differences, and that's false at all, he explained, we have experienced persons, older people community, built in matt bechtel, 37, who served in iraq and has ptsd.Nevertheless oregon has passed a law allowing dispensaries, times to come of those businesses is still uncertain.Some cities have moved against them with regulations, with officials adamantly against the marijuana outlets.While in ommp rules, medical marijuana patients must either grow their own or hire a company to grow it for them.The new dispensary law creates a third party system for matching patients with an honest supply of cannabis.The agency will begin accepting plans march 3 and is widely expected to do a land office business, with some observers forecasting 200 or more filings.A 13 member advisory panel, including several officials from the mid valley, has been meeting to hammer out rules for licensing and running dispensaries and released its third draft of proposed legal guidelines last month.Among the stresses:Dispensary operators must pass a court records check that screens for drug offenses but not other crimes.Fees for preliminary application and annual renewal are $4, 000.A dispensary must be in an area zoned ad, economic, mixed use or farm.It wouldn't be within 1, 000 feet of an fundamental or secondary school or a career academy attended primarily by minors, nor within a 1, 000 feet of some other dispensary.All dope must be kept in a secure area, and alarm and video security systems are required.Weed must be tested for mold, mildew and bug killers.Dispensaries must ensure that only registered ommp cardholders can access marijuana, and records must be kept of all operations.The foundations are still in flux, and some are being hotly fought for.Corvallis police chief jon sassaman assuring rep.Andy olson with albany, an old state trooper, Milagrofilms are among panel members lobbying for tighter controls, including broad criminal record checks and training requirements for all dispensary workers, those are priorities for me, sassaman had identified. "I think communities want so as there is some form of quality control,