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Getting Started

At the beginning of each course, students receive a complete syllabus outlining online classes, chats, weekly lessons, and enrichment sessions.

Student Dashboard

Upon login, students arrive at their online learning dashboard where they can see all of the

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courses in which they are enrolled, view important announcements, access course features, and view their individual calendar. This is also where they can schedule sessions with their learning expert.


In addition to providing a course syllabus, instructors use the online calendar to track out the course, alerting students to upcoming sessions, quizzes, and assignments.


Each week, students engage a range of course material in preparation for online classes where their instructor will delve into the material in-depth. Material is visual and interactive, making the most of multiple learning modalities.

Online Sessions

To join an online class session, students log in using their username and password, connect by telephone via a free Internet call, and join their instructor and fellow students.


During class sessions, participants interact with subject material on a classroom white board that's just like those found in brick-and-mortar classrooms. White board material can also be saved for future reference.

Chat & IM

When students have questions they can raise their hand to ask in real time. An online chatroom also allows students to meet up and study any time of day. Instant messaging is also available throughout the course session.


At designated times throughout the course, students test what they learned via interactive online quizzes, keeping them on track and enabling instructors to reinforce lessons as needed.

Resource Room

As a supplement to provided course material, instructors use a resource area to point students to additional online resources.